Monday, August 6, 2007

First week of August update

Not a whole lot to update this week. I didn't weigh myself last week because I forgot that it was almost that time of the month and I always retain a lot of I'm just going to wait. I hate the scales! Again this weekend was really busy. I didn't do so good this weekend. My appetite was running rampant and I ate a lot of things that I shouldn't have...BUT I also got a lot of extra exercise in. Did a lot of walking and fast walking Friday and Saturday and then yesterday I did a lot of extra cleaning that I dont do very maybe it equals out? The extra work outs and extra food? haha no..I'm not going to try to make it alright that I ate so much. I know I did bad this weekend but I just have to keep going. I really didnt want to work out today but I made myself. It wasn't my full regular work out but I still got some extra exercise in. I just have to make sure that I control myself better this coming weekend..and the weekend after that..etc. I can't let it happen all of the time.

How is everyone else doing? I wish we had more people involved in our challenge. I'm sure we could all use the extra encouragement!


  1. Well...I've sucked. I admit it. But that changes this week. I'm not going to let the heat keep me down. I'll just have to work out despite it and my laziness!!!!

  2. Well, I finally fell off the wagon from all this stress. Weigh in is tomorrow. I am just going to bite the bullet. I have been back on plan since saturday. Crazed, weekends are hard for me as well. PLAN, PLAN, PLAN!! That is what we have to do. I updated my blog if you want to read about what has been going on.

  3. yeah, ive really sucked the last few days, too. Today is my day to start over though and i have to stay on track now. My husband is a really bad influence on me!!!!...and dancer, i'm going to check your blog sometime today for updates!