Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Health Insurance Help

Times are hard and having health problems can make times even harder, especially if you don't have health insurance to help cover the costs of expensive medical care. Purchasing health insurance through your employer can be very expensive especially if you have a large family and not all jobs offer health insurance either leaving you left out in the cold. What happens if you become sick or your child becomes severely ill? Most health issues can't be waited out until it goes away; you typically need medication and advice from a qualified position.

My family was recently in this same situation. We lost our health insurance because we couldn't afford it any longer. Does this mean we can't take our child to the doctor when he's sick? Do we just ignore it? No, that's not an option.

While doing some research online, I stumbled upon the Healthcare Whisperer. Don't let the name fool you, this company has been a huge help to my family. Their website is filled with valuable information including health insurance help, billing problems, and help for seniors with medicare. They offer a plethora of services and even give you your own health care advocate so that you not left to deal with high medical costs on your own.

Other services the Healthcare Whisperer offers is finding a doctor or hospital in your area, hospice services, and a patient care coordinator. Don't be forced to suffer or let your loved ones suffer; there is help out there for you, you just have to find it!