Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Crappy Weather Update

I've been slacking with my blog posts lately. Things have kinda been out of sync lately and I'm trying to get everything back in order. Im completely and totally done with the scales! I weighed myself on Friday and it said I had gained 6 lbs since my last weigh in! WTF No way!! I know that i havent gained no freaking 6 lbs! My clothes are loser and ive been kickin butt with my workouts!...It could be that I threw the scales the time before that maybe? LOL..but Im done with weighing. I might weigh just once in a blue moon but from now on Im just going by my clothes and measurements, no more numbers! This weekend was go, go, go. We didnt even have time to relax. I hate it when the weekends are that hectic. We were supposed to go to the zoo on Sunday which I was looking forward to getting all the extra walking in, but it ended up raining all day long and then my oldest son ended up being sick all day. But we still had a lot of other things to get done and ended up keeping us busy all day long. My eating wasnt the greatest but could have been a lot worse! I didnt work out yesterday because i just wasnt feeling up to it..i think its the weather. The last 3 days have been nothing but rain and storms and crappy crap! My husband didn't even work yesterday because the electricity at his job ended up going out..so he was home and I dont work out with him here, lol..but I did work out this morning...and last week I worked out every day, too... Oh and Sunday night I got a new tattoo! YAY! It's a hummingbird with some flowers on my chest. It's not finished yet. Probably this weekend she will go over the coloring again and add the word "grandmother" and my grandmothers name to it. It's on my left side and then on my right I want to get one for my mother and then above both of them I'm going to have it say, "always close to my heart". I love tattoos! My husband started his new tattoo(s) too. He's getting all of the kids' handprints and names on his legs. He got one done completely and part of another one done but we were running out of time so they have to be finished later. How has everyone else's week been?

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