Monday, July 30, 2007

Last days of July....

Ok, it's update time again! How has everyone done this week? I did pretty good for the week. Worked out 5 days and really pushed myself during the workouts. Did good with my eating most of the week. Weekend wasn't too bad, could have been better. Our weekends are always sooo busy that's why we end up eating out so much. We are either in the car or just too tired! We did eat out a lot but I was sure to stop eating once I started feeling full. That's another of my problems. I want to finish all of my food even if I'm feeling full and then I end up feeling sick because I ate so much! So how is everyone else in the challenge been? Any weight loss or inches lost updates? I havent weighed myself since the last time when i got so upset..I MIGHT weigh sometime this week..but we'll see. I need to measure myself again one of these days, too.... We'd love to have some new challenge members so feel free to join here!! Just post comments!

I just found out yesterday that my grandmother has cancer. She had a lump in her neck removed a week and a half ago and the doctor confirmed that it was cancer. She said she's trying not to worry about it too much and she's putting on a good face, but I'm sure she is scared to death. She has lived a very long life (she turned 94 in march) and has been in great health...but we know with her age regardless of the cancer or not she wont be around forever. Because of her age there's really not much they can do about the cancer, either. So I'm just hoping she wont be in much pain.


  1. I have been hanging in there. Still a whole lot going on and a lot of stress. I will will update my blog the end of the week and you can see every thing that has been happening. I just don't have the time right now. I haven't lost any thing this week. For this week is to again stay with in my points.

    Good job on the workouts!

    Sorry to hear about your gma, but you are right. She has lived a good long life. I know it is still hard. My prayers are with you and your family.

  2. Thank you for the prayers!

    Atleast you are staying within your points, that is what is most important. If you are like me, I used to be the type that would just stuff my face during stressful times but now I'm learning to control my emotional eating! I will be checking your blog for updates!