Friday, April 27, 2012

The Scales Don't Lie

I finally faced the scales today. I lost 3 lbs. I should be happy about it.. and I'm glad that I didn't gain, but that's 3 lbs in a month. That's not enough! I guess I'm going to have to really get serious and eat better on the weekends. I do good throughout the week but the weekends are bad. Everything is out of whack on the weekends. Kids are home and we always seem to have something to do or are on the go and I have a hard time making good food choices especially when it comes to eating out at restaurants. They just have so much good bad food!! I guess I gotta face it though if I want to see the scales go down faster. I bust my ass 5 days a week working out, but the calories on the weekends are going to slow everything down. Fridays are still my "free day" (and it's today, yay!) but the rest of the weekend I have to be good. I was kind of worried that the scale would go UP, just because I haven't really noticed my clothing being looser, so I'm still happy to see a decline in the number.

Food should not be my best friend, but who is? To be completely honest, I don't have anyone except for my mother. My husband is not there for me any more. My friends have just kind of blown me off (I should be used to that). I really have no one to lean on or talk to. It's depressing which only makes my depression worse! My mom and I are very close and she's trying to lose weight, too.. but I need people my own age in my life, too. Plus, my mom lives 40 minutes away so I only see her usually once on the weekends. I don't have anyone in this town to do things with or even go for walks with, apart from the kids. Some days I just feel like my life really sucks. I'm not happy with how thing are in my life right now and I have to figure out how to change things. I don't want to live like this forever but I know it's not going to change unless I do something about it.

OH, I just had to share this. So a friend of mine made a comment on his Facebook page about "nasty fat bitches".. so I left a comment just saying, "WTF".. then he IM'd me and tried explaining what he was meaning. In this amusing conversation, he said, "I'm not meaning the sweet larger girls that I know and I hope you don't think it was meant towards you". I understand he was trying to be nice but damn, "sweet larger girls".. THANKS SO MUCH, buddy!!!!

Mmmm, bacon.


  1. I hear what you mean about not having support from friends and your mom being your only outlet. I'm in the same boat. I wish I could understand why everyone is so wrapped up in their own lives to care about those around them. Ok, bad train of thought that will take me off into a land where it's hard to get back from. Losing weight is really difficult when family is home. I've found that eating popcorn as my go-to snack on the weekend helps. It's filling but low calorie, and you can spice it up many different ways. Good luck!

    1. I soo know what you mean about friends getting wrapped up in their own lives. I had one friend whom I was very close with.. we were both going through the same type of relationship problems, so we understood what each other was going through. She ended up kicking her boyfriend out and now she has a new man. Since she has gotten with her new man, I seem to not exist in her world. People always seem to disappoint me. Sometimes I think I'm better off just sticking with myself!!

    2. Again, I hear you. Ever since letting our friends and family know of my husband's recent diagnosis of bipolar disorder, my mom is really the only one who has called. I'm not sure exactly what I did that our friends don't want to see me. They are still calling my husband, though. I'm so confused!

      Don't isolate yourself, though. I do have to admit that I am finding deeper, more understanding relationships with fellow bloggers lately. Wherever you find support is good in my opinion. Just don't give up on people altoether!

    3. Hmm, that IS odd that your friends call your husband but don't want to see you? I'd be confused, too!!

      I don't want to isolate myself but my current situation really gives me no choice. No vehicle, no friends in our new town, husband works all the time. I feel like a hermit and that the internet is my only outlet. That sounds so pathetic, lol.

    4. That doesn't sound pathetic at all. I completely understand. Last year I got shingles badly and had extreme complications. I spent four months not leaving the house except for quick trips during the weekends. I know how hard it can be to not have a car or friends available. Hang in there!