Wednesday, March 4, 2009

It's March, finally!

I haven't given an update on me personally in awhile so thought I would do that! I've been on the Effexor for awhile now. The doctor raised my dosage a few weeks ago. So far it seems to be working well. The depression and mood swings are far and few between. I did have a bad couple of days a few weeks ago but they didn't last! I definitely feel more relaxed. I know that some people complain that they feel "emotionless" and maybe I do feel that way sometimes but yet I like it. I don't get upset over small things anymore. I'm able to just blow things off and let them go easily. I don't like the drama that comes with getting upset easily, so I'm enjoying the calmness!

I've also noticed an increase in energy. I've gotten a lot of things done around the house over the past few weeks that have been on my "to do" list for MONTHS! I've gotten a lot of crap organized and it really is a good feeling to not feel like everything is chaotic and out of control! I feel like that sometimes when things are a mess and unorganized!

I've also recently signed up to be a volunteer at the local Humane Society! I'm soooo excited! My first day was supposed to be today but I've been down with a bad sinus infection and didn't think I would make a good first impression today, lol! I'm planning on Saturday now. I'm hoping to use this as a stepping stone to eventually get hired at a Veterinarian's Office. I can gain some experience and knowledge working here. I'm hoping that once they get to know me I will be able to help them with things like giving medication and injections, things like that! I'm going to LOVE being around animals all the time! Sometimes all you have to do is just sit and play with the cats to give them some social interaction! I'm also excited because this will get me out of the house and I will get to meet some new people, which is what I think I need right now, too!

Sooo, right now, I'm actually feeling PRETTY good. Things are going somewhat better with my husband and I. We haven't been able to go to counseling in almost a month because of his job. He normally had the same two days off every week, well now they have started to muck the schedules around so he doesn't know what days he will have off and we can't make appointments at the last minute so I don't know what we are going to do about that?? I do think we still need to go but the only time we can go is while the kids are in school as we have no one else to watch them during the week!

I will be back soon!!


  1. Glad to read that you're feeling better. I've been on Paxil for the last few months, but I stopped taking it last week and that's when I really noticed how much I need it! It sucks not being in control of your emotions, I would much rather feel nothing at all! :)

    -heather from

  2. Yes, Im glad someone can relate!! I don't like feeling soo out of control. I feel such a sense of calm and contentment now! Thanks for stopping by!