Thursday, February 21, 2008

Help! I can't stop eating!

I'm struggling here! I'm starting to think that this blog has become a big waste of my time! I just haven't been into it much. Just so many other million trillion things going on in my life right now. I keep thinking every day that tomorrow I am going to do better. Tomorrow comes and I'm freakin' hungry! I just haven't been able to stop myself or control it. I have to do something to get things back under control. I may not be able to control everything in my life but damn it, I should be able to control what I put in my mouth! I am going to do a lot of soul searching and a lot of self talking to get myself back into gear. I just bought some new clothes for the upcoming summer (thanks to income tax return woohoo!) and I want to look good in them not like some fat lump TRYING to look cute but not doing a very good job at it! lol... I think I have gained back everything I lost and I'm so angry at myself! Why is eating soo freaking hard to control? Everyone struggles with it. I was doing so good with it last year and then I just lost it! It all started when I was getting sick all of the time. I sill have a bad sinus infection that has been making me feel like poop lately but I don't feel miserably sick. Just kinda crappy. The weather is getting everyone depressed and put into a bad mood. This winter just seems to be lasting FOREVER this year.. The last few winters have been pretty mild, this year has been horrible! It's snowing all the time and it's always freezing cold. We can't get out and do anything outdoors because it's too freakin' cold. We only go out when we have to. I am sooooo ready for spring to get here. I have a lot of things coming up a in a few months that I want to look good for, I just have to get back into that mindset again and remember the reasons that I need to lose weight! I need some kind of inspiration or words of advice! Anyone??....Please????

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