Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Is there a doctor in the house?

Im trying to type this while I work. We will see how good this goes, lol.

I'm getting really sick and tired of saying this. But guess what? I am sick AGAIN! I am ready to punch something! i can't believe that i am sick this often! I've never been like this before! All of my kids have had it over the past week and we are all still trying to get over it. I'm sure it's probably a bug that my 4 year old picked up at preschool or something. The doctor said that kids their age have an average of 8 colds a year! EIGHT! However, his teacher also told me that this year has been really bad with all of the kids. So I don't know if it's just a bad year or if it is because my son is in school and around more germs. My husband has been very lucky and has only been sick once this winter. Ugh! That figures! I haven't been able to smell anything or taste anything since lunch time Friday! (it's now Wednesday). I think I could lose a lot of weight if I had no taste buds, lol. I have just been basically making myself eat something each day because nothing sounds good! I feel like I am making a waste of food if I can't taste it! I don't want to eat and waste the flavor, haha! I would love to see how much weight I have lost in this past week because I haven't been eating much at all...but I haven't weighed myself in so long I wouldn't know what I was last week! I did weigh myself lastnight just for the heck of it and WOWzers! I realize that it was at the end of the day instead of first thing in the morning but YIKES!..that number scared me! I'm definitely going to have to do something fast!

I'm just trying to get over this cold or sinus infection or whatever the heck this is. I haven't been working out since I have been sick. It seems like this is happening every time I start to get back into the "groove" of working out..then I get sick and get out of the groove again! As soon as I am feeling up to it I will be working out again. I miss it! I guess I can consider my eating to be "good" this week? Since I haven't eaten any so called bad foods because I can't taste them!

On Saturday I am supposed to start a part time job. I'm excited about it! It will get me out of the house a few days a week and some extra money for us. I will be working that job and still trying to do my online job. That means that even MORE of my time is going to be occupied! I wish I could just blog all day! I would like that..but I just have to squeeze it in whenever I can! I try to post atleast once a week. I so wish I could post more than that but there just aren't enough hours in the day time or the week for that matter, lol!

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