Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Challenge is over...

And it sucked! We only have a couple of people who joined it and there wasnt much participation...and I lost my motivation for awhile, too. I don't even have much to report because Im not weighing myself anymore..the scales is the devil!

I'm still going to report once a week here. My weekend was super busy. We went to a concert on Saturday and stood for about 5 hours...my feet and legs were soo sore by the time we left! Then Sunday we went to the zoo and walked around for about 5 hours. My legs were tired but I had fun. A year ago if I had gone to the zoo I would have been complaining about the walking and wanting to sit down to rest a lot. The only time we sat down the entire day was when we were eating lunch, so I was proud of myself..but we were sooo wore out by the time we were finished. My husband and I especially because we had been out the night before! I feel like Im finally catching up on my sleep. My husband had yesterday off of work but I still had to work. That is one thing that sucks about working from home, we don't get holidays!

I did work out again this morning. My legs are feeling it, too, after all of the walking and then I did a lot of running today. But I dont mind, I like that feeling! I'm going to try to force myself to get back on track with my eating this week.

My husband has had stomach problems for a long time. Last year when we separated it got really bad to where he was throwing up blood. He went to a million different doctors and they could never figure anything out. He went to a new doctor a few weeks ago and they think it is his gall bladder. He had an ultrasound after his first appointment and they found a lot of stones, so last week he had to have a CT Scan. He's still waiting to hear back from the doctor on that. I told him that he needs to control his eating. He knows what foods will make him sick. Anything spicy. A lot of milk. Onions. Doritos. He knows that he will be sick but he still eats it anyway. I told him I dont want to hear him complaining about it anymore because he still keeps eating the same things. Then I started thinking that I cant really bitch at him for it when I cant control my eating either! Even though I dont get as sick as he does, I still am hurting myself because I should have lost A LOT more weight by now but I havent because I have so much problem controlling what I eat. Why does food have such control over me? I mean, think about it. We chew it, we swallow it and then poop it out! Why should that give us such satisfaction? Sometimes if I eat too much I feel like crap afterwards and have stomach cramps from it, but I keep doing it to myself! I dont eat as badly as I used to and my clothes are still loose, but I should have lost more by now. I was excited the other day though. When we went to NYC I bought a shirt there. It fit but I would usually stretch it out a bit for it to be really comfortable. So the other day I put it on and I didnt even need to stretch it like normal! It's such a good feeling when I notice things like that, so why do I keep sabotaging it? Sometimes I just feel so burned out and sick of worrying about calories and fat and working out...but I have to remember that the results are going to be worth it! I'm not getting any younger and I want to be able to enjoy myself and like my body before old age makes it all sag and hang everywhere anyway, LOL!


  1. Sorry I wasn't better with the challenge! Things have been ridiculous in my life lately.

  2. Challenges test our resiliency, patience and character. Welcome them.

  3. It's ok Cory! Don't worry about it, I just wish we could have had more people involved to help each other out!....Patience is one thing that I do not have much of, LOL!