Saturday, March 3, 2007

Easy, yummy snack ideas!

Once you are mentally ready for your new lifestyle change, then you need to sit down and write out a plan.

Plan out your meals for every day. Make sure that you are making healthy choices. Lots of fruits and vegetables, high protein, low fat and low carb is the route I'm taking. Do your research online for great recipes to help you with some ideas.

It's said that eating 3 meals a day and 2 in between light "snacks" is the best way to keep your metablism going. It can be sometimes hard to come up with healthy low fat snacks but here are a few ideas that I use:

Granola bars/Yogurt bars (great for fiber)
low fat Yogurt
Crisp veggies dipped in fat free ranch dressing
100 calorie popcorn packs (you can get the flavor seasonings to sprinkle on it for taste. Popcorn is healthy and keeps you feeling full!)
Small serving size bags of baked chips (they now have baked Doritos, Cheetos and many others!)
A "mini" candy bar (like the ones given out for trick or treat..low in calories and a great way to get through the chocolate cravings without going overboard)
Nachos - using baked tortilla chips, a little bit of cheese and veggies

I have always loved pizza and it is definitely one of my biggest weaknesses. To get me through I have found a couple of things that help. One I call a pizza "burrito". Basically, it's a multi-grain tortilla shell with light pizza sauce, light cheese and a few veggie toppings (like onions, green peppers, tomatos) microwaved for a few minutes to melt and you have a great yummy snack!

I also like to make pita pizzas which is almost the same thing, but using wheat pita bread with sauce, cheese and toppings put in the oven for a few minutes and can also be filling but healthier than regular pizza.

Remember, losing weight doesn't mean you have to live on salads and celery for the rest of your life! The way I look at it is that thin people eat fast food, they eat pizza and they eat chocolate! They just don't binge on it every day like a lot of people do! The key is to watch your portions and don't over do it.

My next post will give you some dinner and dessert ideas!

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