Friday, February 23, 2007

My first update

Since Fridays are my weigh-in day, I decided that it will also be my update day here. Every Friday I will post my weight loss updates and my progress for the week.

I've been on a plateau for about 3 weeks now and it has really been frustrating me. I didn't expect to hit one so soon into the weight loss process. I think I realized what part of the problem was: calories. I wasn't eating enough calories! Yes, it is possible! See, you have a maintenance level of calories which is basically how many calories you need to take in daily to keep you at the weight you are currently at. In order to lose weight you need to eat 500-1,000 calories less than your maintenance weight. After going to the calorie counter and putting in my stats I was eating way under what I should have which most likely caused my metabolism to slow way down. When your metablism slows down, your weight loss will slow down as well.

So, this week I started keeping track of calories again and realized that at the end of the day I was way below what I should have been for weight loss and almost to the point of starving my body. I have been so used to eating this way that when I had to eat extra calories I felt like I was cheating or messing up, but it has paid off! I finally lost 3 lbs this morning! I had actually gained 1 lb last week and that was really discouraging, so right now I'm at 19 lbs weight loss. Only one more pound to go until I hit the 20 lbs mark! I still have a long way to go but even though this has been such a short period of time since I started this life style, I feel like it has become part of my life and I don't even think about going back to my old way of eating and not working out 5 days a week. I love how I feel physically and I love knowing that I am finally shedding some of this fat that has been holding me down for most of my life!

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