Friday, March 23, 2007

Have a sweet tooth?

There are a few small things you can do to fight off the sweet tooth cravings without having to worry about packing on the extra calories. Here are a few tricks that I, myself try:

*Sugar Free Pudding with Fat Free whipped topping. There are all kinds of different flavors. If you want to change things around a little, find some sugar free angel food cake, break it up and stir it in with the pudding. Yummy!

*Sugar Free Jello with F.F. whipped topping. You can also add in some fruit to the jello to make it even healthier!

*Any kind of fruit with F.F. whipped topping.

*100 calorie Hershey Candy Bars or mini's (the mini's are usually less than 100 calories)

*100 calorie cookie packs (they have different varities)

*Frozen Yogurt, instead of ice cream

*Cake! Yes, I just found an awesome new way to make cake! First, pick a good cake flavor and add 12 ozs of diet pop (flavor of your choice, I chose orange) and put it with the cake mix and mix together and bake! Then top with F.F. whipped topping! Very yummy and a lot healthier than regular cake!

There are many ways to get around your sweet cravings, you just have to be creative with it and watch your portions!

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