Sunday, April 4, 2010

Self Esteem Tips and Positive Affirmations

No one responded to my last post. Well, one nice person did wish me luck, but that was about it. Ah well, at least my husband is being supportive. He has been a great help with working out. I've been working out twice a week for now. He really pushes me, he makes me mad some times, but he doesn't let me give up, and I always push harder than I think I can. I'm not weighing myself, not going to worry about numbers anymore. I will judge my weight loss on my clothes and how I feel. I've been feeling a lot better since working out first thing in the morning. My body just feels better afterwards, and I feel stronger phsyically and mentally. Easter weekend hasn't been very good food wise, but I'm not going to beat myself up about it. I will get there. I know that I will never be THIN or skinny. I just want to be lighter than I am now, and healthier for my family.

I came across an article awhile ago and I saved it specifically for this blog. It was on different ways to help boost your self esteem. The article states that some ways to boost your self esteem are: exercise, eating healthy, participating in things you enjoy, socializing with friends, and taking care of yourself. Those are all great tips, but I also wanted to add something in here about positive self affirmations. I believe that they do work; I've tried them myself. I wrote about them a long time ago here, but wanted to reiterate a few points. First, make a list of things you like about yourself. For instance: I am a caring person. I am a strong woman. I'm great at making people laugh. If you want, you can hang a list up around your house, so that you will see these things often. Repeat them to yourself a few times a day, especially at night before going to bed. You may feel silly at first, but after awhile, your mind will begin to believe these things about you, and you will notice that you develop more confidence in yourself.

If anyone is, or has used self affirmations, leave me a comment and tell me a few of the affirmations you use for yourself! It may give others a better idea on various things to say, or think about!


  1. Hi there. I'm sorry I didn't respond to your previous post, but I have just found your blog today.

    I am doing the same thing myself, posting a blog that I'm hoping will get/keep me motivated to reach my goals.

    I would love to be a weight loss buddy if you're still looking for one.

    You can find me at my blog....

  2. I loooooove affirmations. I use them not only for self esteem and confidence, but to bring positive things into my life. Two of my faves are:

    Money flows into my life from expected and unexpected sources.


    A money miracle happens to me today.

    (Since I'm living on disability money is always really tight)

    Another one that I like is:

    I am happy, healthy and whole.

    Have a fantabulous day!