Saturday, October 24, 2009

It is about ME isn't it??

Been awhile since I've done a personal update... So here I am again!

Things have been going good just extremely busy, busier than before! Is that possible?? I'm finishing up my second month of school and this upcoming week will be the last week for Intro. to Microcomputers. This class has been pretty boring because it's basic computer skills that I all ready know. I have a 98% in the class so I think I'm doing pretty well. Next month is Composition 1 and I've been told by a friend who has the class this month that there is A LOT of homework in the Comp. class so there goes even more of my time! Between school, working, taking the kids back and forth to school and housework it seems I never have time to myself except to sleep!! I guess it's just a part of life though and it will get better eventually. I'm really enjoying school. I love learning new things and it's good for me to be able to get out of the house, leave the hubby in charge and have some time talking to other adults. I've made a few friends so far and hope to make more with every class. The school I'm going to does things a little differently. You have one class a month, 12 hours a week of class time. I think it's nice that way because I am able to concentrate on just the one subject instead of trying to concentrate on 2 or 3 different subjects!

Fall is here and the scenery is beautiful but it has been cold here and I am just not ready for winter! I'm sure if you have read this blog or my Rants In My Pants blog you all ready know that I despise winter! I hate the cold, the snow, the ice, having to bundle up 3 kids and myself! Ugh!! I am looking forward to xmas this year, though. We have a beautiful house to decorate and each year gets better and better as the kids get older and comprehend xmas and Santa Clause!

Mentally I'm doing pretty good. Still on my meds and most of the time they work pretty well. I do have a day here and there, very rare, where I just want to cry at the drop of a hat! I hate those days!!! But thankfully they are far and few between! I have noticed that if I forget to take my pills for a few days I will get really ill feeling. I will just feel exhausted with no energy, I will be very angry and even get dizzy! It sucks, so I try to remember to take them every day, it's usually on the weekends when I forget because I'm here and there and everywhere out of my routine on the weekend! It just worries me that if/when I decide to go off of the pills I'm going to have a very hard time with withdrawals as I've read is very common if you want to go off of Effexor. I know I can't stay on them for the next 40 yrs or however long I have left, but yikes, the withdrawals sound worse than heroin withdrawals (or so I've heard).

I really hate that my blog postings have been soo sparatic. I really enjoy blogging but the only real time I have to myself is at night and I'm normally too exhausted to think enough to write anything or I just want to spend some time with my hubby!.. Speaking of him, things have been going very well in our marriage. We just love spending time together with and without the kids. Even when I'm at school he will text me to tell me how much he misses me. I'm glad the old husband is back and I hope he stays this time!! Right now, I'm content for the most part!

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