Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Something odd is going on!

I came to post but.. where are all of my posts?? All that shows up are my ads and my side bar?? WTF? My other two blogs are showing up just fine?? This has me freaking out just a wee bit! Where did they go? I'm hoping it's just some sort of glitch and will be fixed in the morning??

I've not posted much lately. I spent all of last week dealing with the horrible stomach flu that was going around. It started off with my 4 yr old son getting it. Then I got it, then my 5 yr old son got it! My husband had it the week before but we didn't realize it was the flu because he has a lot of other stomach problems. The only one that didn't get it was my daughter. Lucky her! It was awful! Horrible stomach cramps. Couldn't keep anything down. Ugh. I hate the stomach flu.. I'm glad it's over with!.. Oh, I also hate cleaning up my children's puke, too! Eeegads!

Things have been going a little better here. My husband was put on Anxiety pills and it has made a huge difference in him. He is in a better mood now and is a lot more fun to be around and a lot more affectionate. I need to buy stock in these pills! I can't believe the difference! Things are much more relaxed here now, thankfully!

I went back to the doctor yesterday. He's upping my dosage of Effexor a little bit. I was doing alright until just a few days ago then I felt the mood swings coming back. I don't know if it is just the stress of everything going on right now. I'm so burned out. I feel like I am doing EVERYTHING around here. I feel like I am taken for granted because I work at home instead of going out somewhere to work. I spend my day working, taking care of kids, dealing with arguments/temper tantrums, cooking, cleaning up after 3 kids, dishes, laundry, cooking some more, working some more, and working some more.. ooh and don't forget I'm also in school, too! Soo, trying to squeeze some reading/studying time in there, too! From the time I get up in the morning I don't really have a chance to sit down and RELAX until after the kids are back in bed that night! Then I usually come online and work some more.. Thankfully night time is slow so this is when I try to squeeze in my blogging or other internet things that I do! My husband doesn't really help with much at all anymore. He comes home from work and sits on the couch or at the computer while I'm studying or cooking.. etc.. Yesterday I asked him to do something quite simple for me on his day off. His response was, "it's my day off, I just want to relax and do nothing".. and THAT he did! While I did everything else. I even made the comment, "I wish I had a day to just relax and do nothing". To which he responded, "well take a day and relax". HA! Right. I don't have that option! He just doesn't get it and I don't think he realizes how much I do. I think that HE thinks because I work from home that I have it easy!

Oh yay! I just checked my blog again and all posts are back! *phew*...

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  1. Maam I am a man and understand, I has been diagnosed with chronic depression, I am glad your husband found something for his anxiety and I mean that, but I hope his meds keeps working,keep your chin up he'll come around I think.