Wednesday, December 19, 2007

When will things be normal?

Ok so i started to think that things were going to get back into a somewhat normal routine. I guess I should stop thinking so much, right? Our van decided to crap out on us over the weekend. The alternator went out. My husband had to miss two days of work and the last two days we have been running around here and there trying to get it taken care of. It's finally fixed, thankfully. That was just what we wanted for xmas..our van to take a poop a week before the holiday! But that is always how our luck seems to go!

Anyway, so we have finally started getting back into eating healthier and today was the first day I decided to try working out again. was like starting all over. I couldn't do too much. I'm not as flexible as I was and don't have the stamina that I used to. Ugh, I'm so angry at myself for losing the strength that I had before! I know I will build it back up eventually but it just makes me mad that I let myself do this to myself! I do have some motivation to keep eating healthier. For awhile I was having really bad indigestion. The kind that hurts in your chest and it was beginning to be really painful! Eating lots of junk food is not worth that pain and agony of indigestion like that! Every time I think about eating something "bad" I just think about that pain and it makes the food not even look good anymore!

I'm not sure how well my husband is going to do with this. He loves to eat. He has never really had to worry about it because he got an 8 hour work out at work every day so he could eat whatever he wanted. Now that he has gotten laid off for the winter he is still eating what he wants but can see the pounds creeping on. It's time that we both take control of it. I'm going to try and cheer him on as much as I can so that we can both be healthier! It will be harder for him though because he does not like very many vegetables and that is something he will need to eat. I will have to come up with some creative ideas for him, i guess!

My twins are about to start preschool with our oldest son so a few days out of the week we will have the afternoons to ourselves so maybe we can use some of that time to get out and go do something like take a walk. Any exercise is good exercise!

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