Sunday, December 9, 2007

She's baacckkkk!

Wow, it's been so long since ive posted here. I have totally been neglecting my blogs here but not on purpose. Not because I'm bored with it or dont want to do it anymore. I just havent had time! Let's see..since I last posted in here, my husband had surgery. Everything went fine and he got back to work. That week he started back to work I began to work out again and watched what I ate. At the end of that week his whole crew got laid off for the winter. We knew it was coming but didnt think it would be that early. I started getting sick again...and sicker. I finally went to the doctor again since I have been sick since the beginning of September! He put me on another anti-biotic. I am feeling a little better now, just still have a cough. I'm so sick of being sick! All of this being sick crap has gotten me way off of my routine and I have gained back some TEN! I'm soooo mad at myself! Even though I wasnt able to work out I should have still watched what I ate. Anyway, so my husband has gotten another job for the winter but he works 2nd shift which I'm not used to. Now that Im starting to feel better I have to re-arrange my workout schedule and fit it in while he is at work. I need to start again now before I end up gaining everything back again! It's almost like I can feel the extra weight. My stomach feels bigger and i feel bloated all the time. I hate that feeling. I felt a lot better when I was in control of eating and working out. I'm going to try and start posting here more frequently because I do feel like it was a big help coming here and venting or voicing my good news!

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