Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Updating Again

My updates haven't been too good lately. This week I apparently gained another pound! Where did it come from? The only thing I can think of is because it was T.O.M. (time of the month) and I probably retained some water. Atleast, that's what I'm hoping for. I ate pretty decently last week and still worked out. I'm trying to mix some things up this week just to see where it gets me. Maybe do some different exercise routines this week. I'm still not trying to stress out too much about it. Ofcourse, it is a bit discouraging to see the number on the scale going the wrong way, but my clothes are fitting better. I went out Saturday night to a good friends birthday bash. My birthday is a week from today, so I was celebrating my bday a little bit early this weekend. I wore a top that I bought about a year ago but only wore it once because it fit really snug and I didn't feel comfortable in it. I felt like it was showing my fat rolls too much and it was uncomfortable. I wore it to the show and it was actually comfortable now! I was sooo happy. I've been waiting to be able to wear that top comfortably!

Today I was kind of bad for lunch. Had some leftover mexican and too much of it and my body is revolting against me for it! That just means I have to be super good for the rest of the week!

I've also noticed a big difference in my knee pain. I've always had problems with my knees, starting from when I was a toddler and having braces on my legs. The doctor told my mom way back then that I would have problems with my knees as I got older and I sure did! My knees creek and crack with every movement and going down steps has been painful for me for a few years now. However, the past week or so I have noticed that going down steps is proving to be less painful than it used to be, so that's another plus for me!

More tips coming soon!


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