Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Update for week of April 9, 2007...Happy B-day to me!

Ok, I know, I've been slacking with my blogs today. I just never have enough hours in my day to get everything done! Just giving a little update tonight and then Im going to start working on my next post about the benefits of water!!

The last few weeks have been kind of depressing because I some how gained a pound each week, but this last week made up for. I lost 3 lbs, so I lost the two lbs I some how gained and lost another one with them..thankfully! I probably gained them all back though after this past easter weekend! Damn that rabbit and his candy! I only lost 3 lbs throughout the entire month of March so I really need to figure out what's going on and where I'm messing up again! It's the weekends that really get me. They are always the hardest for me to get through!

I'm trying a new workout routine this week and so far my body is feeling it!!

Oh yeah and yesterday was my birthday. I'm officially OLD. I left my twenties and leaped into my thirties! I am now officially 30 years old. I've been so depressed about it and I'm mad that I waited this long to do something about my weight! I wish I could re-live my twenties being 100 lbs lighter and see how differently my life would have been? But, I cant go back in time, just have to concentrate on the future...


  1. Congrats on the 3lbs!! Good luck with the new routine, and Happy belated birthday.