Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Is depression inherited or not??

I was doing some research earlier to find out whether or not Depression can be inherited or not? There are various answers to this question. The main answer I came up with is some can inherit it and some don't.

However, think about it. If you are raised by a parent who suffers from depression and you were around that every day, wouldn't it rub off on you and you start to learn that same behavior that your parent exhibited? It would make sense that it would become sort of chiseled into your head subconsciously after growing up around it constantly. I notice in myself that some of the symptoms I have remind me of things that my mother did or how she reacts to things. Do you think we can teach our children to be depressed without knowing it?? Makes me very glad that I'm on medication now to help me control my symptoms. I never want my kids to go through the sort of depression that I have gone through.

I read somewhere that there is a depression gene that can be passed from parent to child. It may be laying there dormant until the person goes through something traumatic and it sort of "activates" the gene. That would make sense, too, considering that some depression is due to a chemical imbalance in the brain. A chemical imbalance can not be learned, can it?

I'm not a doctor, just thinking out loud and hope to get some opinions on this subject? Anyone???


  1. This reminds me when I was complaining with my mother about the kind of education she gave me, too liberal! lol! however, what have been is gone now, I don't know if it is so important to understand the causes, well, till some extent yes... but I think it is more useful to think how to resolve.
    Believing that the causes are genetic, may be it leads you to give up, and don't try to change the situation.
    I know a person who overcome a severe depression, using nlp techniques, and more he became my teacher, and show me how to better live my life.
    I wish you all the best.

  2. Thanks Alessandra for your comment! I guess it's not so important to understand the cause, just more of a curiousity for me. Plus, now that I have children I'm hoping I wont pass it to them through my actions OR my genes!! If one of them does end up with depression as they grow older I'm sure I will feel some sort of guilt?!

  3. Hi crazedmama, I understand you, but (and I don't think so)...if it is the case of genetic transmission you can't do nothing now and don't blame yourself is not your fault...what can you do is to do your best to stay well and teach your children the same, convince yourself that you'll succed ... for their good :D

  4. I don't think a chemical imbalance can be learned. But, I think that our environment can dictate how we handle stress, sadness, rehection, etc. and THAT, my dear, is how our family lends to us having depression or not. Did I make that sound to easy? :)

  5. I guess it comes from the old nature, nuture debate among psycologists. My mother suffered from depression, and I've had it somewhat off and on myself (not as bad as hers). Sometimes, I'm for the heredity part, but then sometimes I think it was a learned trait. Isn't it interesting that usually people who serve others don't usually suffer depression. I'll also heard that depression is anger turned inward. Makes you think.